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Go Green!

Upgrade waste processing equipment & maximize recycling with Brask!

Waste Management Solutions & Environmental Innovation For A Better Tomorrow

Brask can help your firm become a "green company" with innovative waste management technologies that promote a better environment, improve recycling processes, lower transportation costs, and lessen the impact on our overloaded landfills.

Our waste management specialists can also help streamline your waste processing operations and identify cost savings, as well as help generate new revenue sources by taking advantage of lucrative recycling opportunities that are currently under-utilized. We can show you how to lower trash bills, reduce waste hauling requirements, improve compliance of waste processing labor regulations, and increase productivity with our durable, efficient, quality waste & recycling technologies.

Eco-friendly waste processing & recycling equipment

Brask is the full-service national waste management service provider that can help convert your cardboard, plastic, metal, Styrofoam, and shrink wrap recyclables into revenue with today's leading environmentally-sound waste equipment technologies.

Our complete waste management solutions include eco-friendly waste equipment for recycling, heavy duty trash compaction, EPS foam densification, and dewatering, solidification & de-packaging of wet waste material. Brask waste management equipment include:

  • Self-Contained Compactors for Wet Waste
  • Stationary Compactors for Dry Waste
  • Compactors for Mall, Office, & Condo Waste
  • Transfer Station Compactors
  • Waste Containers for Recyclables
  • Balers & Baling Equipment
  • EPS Styrofoam Densifiers
  • High Density Extruders
  • Organic Waste Digesters
  • Liquid Extractors
  • Belt Filter Presses

Proven waste management strategies to increase efficiency & profitability

Brask Enterprises has been helping American businesses plan, organize, & implement waste management strategies and waste handling solutions for over four decades. We can service all aspects of waste collection and administration for your company, and can save you money by shifting waste costs to recycling revenues.

With our established waste equipment rental & leasing programs throughout the United States, Brask offers the best in compactor programs, mall waste management services, and environmental product innovation in the waste management industry.

Contact Brask Enterprises to get started!

Contact the waste industry specialists at Brask Enterprises, Inc., for a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of your current waste management procedures, equipment, and hauling.

We'll develop a plan that will streamline your current waste handling & hauling operations, lower your costs & waste storage requirements, increase your recycling profits, and provide the waste management technologies that will establish your firm's reputation as a leading "green company" that helps the environment and the local community.

Increase profitability

Increase profitability

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