There are many models & types of cardboard balers available. The needs and requirements of your particular business will determine which cardboard baler is right for you.

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    Benefits of cardboard balers & cardboard recycling

    Recycling cardboard is not only environmentally friendly, but can be a dependable source of revenue and an important component of your company’s comprehensive waste management strategy.

    Cardboard recycling with cardboard baling equipment will produce many benefits for your company:


    Reduces waste disposal costs by removing cardboard from waste stream


    Generates revenue through the sale of recycled cardboard


    Helps reduce labor costs associated with cardboard flattening & handling


    Streamlines overall waste processing operations for better productivity


    Creates a safer work environment and reduces potential fire hazards


    Improves the overall appearance of your place of business


    Quality, professional grade cardboard balers

    Types of Balers

    There are many types, sizes, and models of cardboard balers available today. There are many types of horizontal balers, vertical balers, manually-fed balers, large automated baling systems, auto-tie balers, manual-tie balers, and others.


    Compact design makes this machine ideal for locations where space is at a minimum e.g. garage fore courts, retail outlets, offices, pubs, restaurants and fast food outlets.  Suitable for small volumes of waste. Optional Extras Include: Bale Lifting Trolley, Available with 110 volts power supply, Available with 3-phase 380/400 volt power supply, Galvanised Finish, PLC Panel with Automatic compaction cycles and bale full light.

    60" Downstroke

    The revolutionary design of the VB Baler offers safety and simplicity like no other on the market. A gas spring loading gate solves the age-old chain, sprocket and pulley reliability problem.
    Vertical balers to fit your recycling needs. Balers to recycle small volumes of aluminum or plastic on an ongoing basis or balers to recycle cardboard the size of refrigerator boxes. All designed to quietly, efficiently and safely compact your recyclable materials.

    Horizontal (Power Kube)

    The Powerkube XL baler is the largest baler in the range, with an overall length of 6535mm. It also produces mill sized bales, but its extended loading aperture allows large items of waste i.e. bulky cardboard boxes to be baled effectively. One of a range of materials handling options such as conveyors and bin tipplers can be fitted to the machine to facilitate easy loading of the waste. Once the bales are completed the user is alerted by a flashing light and the bale can quickly be tied off and ejected onto a pallet. Completed bales can then often be collected by waste processors in return for revenue.

    Autotie (JV)

    NEW! The H2R-60 is the flagship of the Cram-A-Lot range of horizontal balers. This two ram, auto tie baler is designed for Material Recovery Facilities, Recycling Centers, and Distribution Centers that need to process high volumes of recyclables daily. The auto tie feature reduces labor costs and increases throughput. The H2R-60 is designed for the medium volume processor who wants to minimize the labor associated with routine bale tie-off. It can process a variety of materials and produces a standard mill-sized 60” bale. Full penetration ensures high-density bales, the auto-tie feature ensures efficient operation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between manually-fed cardboard balers and automatic baling systems?

    Most cardboard balers used in business & industry today are manually fed. Automatic baler equipment is recommended for applications with a continuous flow of cardboard and high volume. An automatic feed system (hopper, chute, conveyor, etc.) is utilized in these situations.

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